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Every piece of furniture undergoes a particular journey and part of restoration and conservation is interpreting what an item needs, but not destroying what makes it unique. Often a piece is faded along one side from too much sunlight, or the bottom of a piece is damaged from mops, soap, and lye or what was assumed to be an 'original finish' found to be a repair. Through antique restoration one can learn a great deal about the item itself, the lives of its caretakers, and most importantly - one can protect and conserve a cherished antique so it may enrich your life for years to come.

All Items are inspected carefully for soundness of substructure. Repairs made to substructure and secondary woods are all made from the same types of wood the item originally had. Manhattan Restorations has woods up to 300 years old that we use for our repairs, we match the type of wood and approximate age to maintain the integrity and authenticity of your furnishings. All repairs are glued and clamped using the up most caution so not to disturb the natural patina in the ares that we address.

Primary woods are handled in the same manner maintaining conservation techniques to protect the natural patina and character your antique has developed over the past 200 to 300 years.

Repairs may include but are not limited to wood turnings, carvings, mortise and tenning joints, veneering, complete creation of a missing section or piece.

We pride ourselves on our skilled workmanship which comes from from a true love and passion in the work that we do.

Please Click on a folder to open each individual slide show to view the restoration and conservation process.



16th Century Gilded
Mirror Plaster Repair


Plaster, Gold Leaf,
Repair and Restoration


  1780 Giltwood and Gesso
Convex Mirror Plaster Repair



1680s Walnut Italian Inlaid
& Veneered Bureau

1780's Mahogany Desk 1880's Oak Rolltop Desk

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